Day 12 – Journey to Shanghai, Radisson New World Hotel, Yu Gardens and the Bund

We rose early today as we bid goodbye to Beijing on our way to Shanghai. We traveled by way of the Bullet Train in business class. This is definitely the way to travel. The seats were very comfortable. I got to see a lot of agricultural Industry. Many people working in the fields, a horse pulling a farm tool (tilling), some machinery. From my remote view, it agriculture appears to me labor intensive along this stretch of China. As we approached Dhanghai, the views of the water were intriguing. It looks like a lot of aquaculture occurring. Upon our arrival at the train station, we were met by our travel guides.








We are staying at the Radisson New World. A very nice hotel located directly across from the People’s Park. I quickly realized that Shanghai is very different from Beijing. Shanghai is much more cosmopolitan. In the hotel, there were people from all over the world. There is also a lot of wealth in Shanghai. We passed Gucci, Rolex, Cartier, Harry Winston, and the list goes on…

We checked in quickly and traveled to the Old Shanghai area. We visited the Yu Gardens. It was very peaceful. We learned about feng shui and the importance of family. Afterward, we walked around the area. Many in the group went off to find street food. I haven’t been nearly as adventuresome with trying the unknown foods. I did visit one of the jewelry markets. I found a ruby and diamond necklace for only 29M RMB about 4.5M USD — don’t think I have large enough credit line on Visa to get this.

In the evening, Trey had the woman he uses to make all his suits visit the hotel. For two hours she and her crew measured students as they picked out fabrics for suits and shirts. A tailored made men’s suit costs about $240 USD and a women’s suit $140 USD (some fluctuation with fabric and options — more than I could process). I did get a gray pants suit. She will return Thursday night for fitting in case any alterations are necessary. I am not sure where I am going to put this since me suitcase is full. Sean arrives tomorrow so hopefully he might have a little room.

Denise and I headed out to find a nice restaurant for dinner. We ended up in the Xintiandi Area of Shanghai (an affluent area with many excellent restaurants). I broke down and ordered western food – a delicious salmon entree with steamed vegetables and mashed potatoes. The larger group headed to the Bund and a night out on the town. I headed to bed.









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