Day 15 – Tencent, Rockwell Automation, The Pearl

We started our day with a visit to Tencent. Our presenter was a lawyer from Mergers & Acquisitions. I found the discussion vey informative. Tnecent is the …. Tencent was an early mover in the internet realm in china with their product This is a form of IM. Tencents captured a large segment of the Internet users. They quickly expanded into the online gaming market which is very profitable in China. Over 50% of Tencents”s venue is from gaming. They also are expanding in the social network area. My take of Tencent is it is a blend of AOL, Facebook, Google, and Amazon (they want to be the one stop shop in China for the Internet). Will they expand outside of China??? Definitely a company to watch…

side observation – The presence of the Internet and the role of censorship and government regulation creates a very complicated and tenuous relationship with the end user. The China laws are changing — for instance, they are now requiring that user MUST use their “real name” for signing on to blogs and other social media sites. However, when I asked locals about this, they indicated they still had pseudonym names. It is my understanding that it is the Internet providers responsibility to make sure “real names” are used. It will be interesting to follow this and see if and how this law will be enforced.

Our next visit was across the street to learn more about Rockwell Automation

Days are so busy. Hope to finish sometime. Here are photos …











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